Slogan: Einfach, flexibel, sinnvoll


The paradox of our time is that we are witnessing a growth at both the bottom end of the market while the “luxury” sector also continues to grow rapidly.

In the consumer goods market, economic downturn has resulted in a plethora of cheap products of dubious quality arriving on the marketplace. At the same time, the “luxury” sector consists of extravagantly packaged products, marketed for conspicuous consumption, advertised by self-promoting “celebrities” and offered at exorbitant prices.

Today, at the bottom end of the market, it is QUALITY that is being compromised while at the top end, it is VALUE.

We do not compromise on the quality we offer nor, do we rely on large marketing budgets to inflate the perceived value of the brands we offer. Rather, we work closely with producers to convey the innate values of all products within our portfolio to our customers and the consumer.

Our products:
- Should always be a pleasure to consume
- Are for consumption every day
- Are affordable
- Satisfy both criteria of providing quality and value
- Should provide a feel good factor

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